Sankalpa Darchula Nepal
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Mission,Vision and Objectives


Poor people of rural area will become a healthy, empowered, self-reliant and equitable with inclusive and sustainable agricultural productivity.


To widen improved sustainable livelihood options for poor and disadvantaged communities in a gender sensitive and environment friendly manner. Similarly, develop rural area where the people are equal, secure, skilled and healthy.


Contribute to the poverty reduction through improvement in gender equality, social inclusion, sustainable agricultural development and humanitarian preparedness and response.


  • To contribute in reducing the incidence of water, sanitation and hygiene related diseases in vulnerable communities through provision of safe and accessible drinking water and improved hygiene and sanitation.
  • To improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities and promote safe hygienic behaviours in the rural communities incorporating a disaster risk reduction approach.
  • Access to and quality of education improved.
  • Women’s access to and control over financial services and family income improved
  • Pro poor policies and laws regarding food security, natural resource management and disaster risk reduction realized by resilient communities through strengthened governance and effective response
  • Empowered, excluded and marginalized communities in food insecure and disaster prone areas have access to livelihood and food security rights through strengthened community based organizations and their alliances.
  • Sustainable and replicable farm/non-farm climate resilient livelihood models created and promoted to enhance food security of excluded and marginalized communities for long term policy engagement

Community Based organizational capacity is increased to empower excluded and marginalized communities.